Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miley cyrus nude. smashing.

Miley cyrus nude...

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Do you think Miley Cyrus is racist or immature? Miley wants people to begin to look like an adult instead of a child star of Disney Channel, but recently shes been scandals, its kind of hard. What I see is an immature sixteen - that probably still has not intended to be racist, but the image looks like shes making fun of people with Asian ancestry. Their response was too immature. She has many fans in Asia (mostly children 6-10 years) who came to her as a role model and although he could not understand the total situation or understand what racism looks like it should have just apologized and left as is, instead of yelling at her blog. She actually just said that has not yet say that, but I'm sorry if I caused offense .. Oh but it was like everyones take our context .. I do not understand why some people are taking it so lightly. Find your children to this model. The next time you see Asian Americans, what will happen when your child imitate Miley? Advocate OCA group issued a statement saying that the early age of 16, encourages and legitimizes the scorn and mockery of people of Asian descent, [and] also has insulted many fans of Asian American Pacific. This isn't the first time Cyrus has been slammed for the photos. In April 2008, was criticized by groups of parenting after pictures of posing in green bra size. A few months later, apologized after posing semi-naked in Vanity Fair. Do you buy Miley Cyrus excuse for racist image? If so, why?
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Megan fox gallery. Newsest pics.

Megan fox gallery. Cool picz...

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Whos Hotter of these celebrities? Sophia Bush http / / ... http / / ... Megan Fox orrrrr http / / / photo ... http / / ... personally id say Bush Sophia. Megan Fox is pretty, but Hollywood wayy tooo.
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Lindsay lohan breasts. Mega.

Lindsay lohan breasts. Cool pics:

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Who has the better breasts? and why?? Lindsay Lohan http / / / Neighborhoods / Lindsay ... Beyonce Knowles http / / / Beyonce-Knowles / kn ... Scarrlet Johansen http / / / images / Bigi ...
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